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April 26, 2018 | , WWJ-AM

…a half acre Corps ordered Detroit site full production for that or heard is expected to start in two years the property was acquired through community partners program with the Detroit land Bank opportunity and authority gorgeous Detroit his brand of Wolverine human services organization says it’s committed to the neighborhood and community and wants to be part of the solution to turning things around all barred to have to touch he missed the tank engine and Thomas the tank is that Greenfield village in Dearborn starting this weekend and for the coming weekend’s adults were they out with thomas big adventures tour 2018 activity about 5 games they’re interactive and big deal you can’t eat comma com and eventually go for a ride the train with a purchase a ticket so are other operations had to get a set of 5 4 , for the weekend but around houses still very good he thought and its engine and different things for kids that look can learn more about all the weekend the Henry Ford general Manager Jim Johnson there says the event takes place this weekend as well as the next to him he says they typically get about 25000 visitors during feasts 3 weekends W W j news time is 10 14 speaking of taking a ride hour on the roller coaster right now with the Tigers way up on the lows and now they’re kind of falling back when it comes to leave anyway they still are out front late in this one we’ll take you to baltimore next ernie was am kate and hats and you groupon so much that may mean its pumps I think Yeah I’m a celebrity e-mail that doesn’t mean I like to think my with a robot I get the celebrity treatment on a bed sheet because even though you’re paying less doesn’t mean you get less it felt amazing give to 60% off from sauce 50% off a manicure and 40% off of place so with group off the old phrase is just off and then download the app and safe you W j news John Chen 15 as we checked sports session with extreme first base side was a line drive base hit and allow some of the and Elian Herrera stocks he is on a line drive single look Tigers pick one up and made here in the for the and Dickerson has called this evening on 97 one could take a couple of singles also a double and homer later the Tigers way out front of the Orioles as Detroit is …