Won’t the apples attract rodents?

October 20, 2016 | Core Orchards

While it may seem that an apple orchard would attract more rodents to the area, in fact there will be fewer rodents in the orchard footprint than there currently are in this blighted area. We have a 5-prong plan to manage the rodent population recommended by our CAO and 6th generation apple farmer, Isaiah Wunsch:

  1. Deep tillage prior to planting (necessary for prep anyway);
  2. Establishment of orchard grass row middles, which naturally deter rodents;
  3. Three annual applications of herbicide to reduce rodent habitats in tree rows;
  4. Regularly scheduled mowing of row middles to eliminate additional habitat;
  5. Baiting and trapping as necessary in the first year to reduce what we assume will be high initial rodent populations in the currently undeveloped area