Our Plan

Vision Development

Vision Development

Words only paint so much of a picture. So, we had to create a visual representation of our vision.

Together with livingLAB, Wolverine Human Services has created a larger vision for both the proposed footprint of the orchard and the community at large.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Based on our proposed vision, Wolverine Human Services developed a community action plan to engage the community to create an open dialogue. The conversation with the community embraces the ideas, the hopes, and the needs of the community and its stakeholders. The Core Orchards development team then works to incorporate the outcomes of the process into the larger vision.

City Planning

City Planning and Coordination

Engaging the city as active stakeholders to ensure proper planning and coordination can occur is a crucial part of our plan. The Detroit Land Bank Authority has allowed Wolverine Human Services to become a member of Community Partner Program.

  • Through the DLBA’s Community Partner Program, we are working directly with the Planning and Development Department, as well as the Mayor’s Jobs and Economic Development team.
  • Once we receive support from these entities, the DLBA board will vote on whether it will provide support or not.
  • If the DLBA board gives support, the project will be presented to City Council for final approval.
Secure Funding

Secure Funding

Core Orchards will work with numerous funding sources to procure more than adequate support. Source will include private foundations, corporations, individuals, and government bodies.

Site Development

Site Development

The site is being developed under the strict use of guidelines with a fully experienced professional team.

All site processes and plans will be in strict adherence to the safety and security of our community.