Neighborhood Development

We believe Core Orchards Detroit will provide a richly deserved face-lift and have a positive impact on  the Jefferson-Mack Neighborhood footprint.


We will remove natural blight

Vacant House

We will take down vacant houses

Safe Play Zones

We will provide and maintain new safe play zones

Community Event

We will provide community event spaces


We will develop a new centerpiece for shared community pride

Jobs At Core Orchards

Full Time

Full Time Positions

Core Orchards Detroit will employ 3 to 5 full time employees to maintain the orchard and the associated programs in the orchard footprint


Seasonal Job Creation

Core Orchards will hire 25 to 50 neighborhood members as seasonal staff during harvest and other seasonal peak times, thus promoting further economic opportunities in the neighborhood.

Food Access

Core Orchards will be a substantial upgrade to the food programs that WHS already provides to the neighborhood.


Detroit residents will have free membership and reduced produce costs for fruits, cider, and vegetables purchased in the orchard and Marketplace


Fresh, Detroit-grown apples will be included in the food boxes distributed by WHS to the community

WHS will partner with SNAP, and other public food assistance programs to further reinforce food security for our neighbors, providing fresh and healthy options, rather than the over-processed and pre-packaged options that are now available.

Security and Police

Core Orchards Detroit will provide an increase of neighborhood security in multiple ways.

Project Greenlight

Project Greenlight

Wolverine Human Services’ Detroit campus is currently under review to be added to Detroit’s Project Greenlight. As we expand, our plan is to extend this to the entire footprint of the orchard. Project Greenlight benefits include: high definition camera system, individual monitoring by a Detroit Police Officer, and guaranteed squad car rotation to monitor Core Orchards and Wolverine Center Campus.

Detroit Police

Detroit Police Department

The Detroit Police Department’s 5th Precinct has made a commitment to reopen a mini-station on site, including housing a DPD bicycle depot.


Vocational and Educational Opportunity

Educational Core Orchards Detroit vocational and educational opportunities will provide residents new skills and tools to become active participants in healthy living.